Analysis of bees wax

We offer the following bees wax analytical services:

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• Adulteration with paraffin
• Adulteration with waxes containing stearin and/or palmitin
• Adulteration with vegetable/animal fat

Using gas-chromatographic methods, adulateration can reliably detected.


natural bees wax
natural bees wax
adulterated bees wax
adulterated bees wax

The analysis of total hydrocarbons - as commonly advertised by certain labs – is not necessary in our judgement. The explanatory power of this method is questionable and needs to be supported by follow-up analysis. Moreover, it is fact that an increase of 1% in total hydrocarbons does not automatically imply an increase of paraffin to the same extent. Different types of paraffin have different levels of hydrocarbons and thus, lead to a different increase in hydrocarbons even by adding the same amount. 


Residues can be agricultural pesticides as well as agents from varroa or bee moth treatment. Those residues can accumulate in bees wax.

- Pesticides/ Varroacides
         - Coumaphos, Fluvalinate...
- Pyrethroides
- bee moth treatment
          - Dichlorbenzole, Thymol...