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NMR spectroscopy (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy) is physically based on the principles of nuclear magnetic resonance known from medicine and is one of the most modern technologies in the field of food analysis.

Within a few minutes, a NMR spectrum is recorded from many different signals, which represents a detailed ingredient profile of the sample. By comparing this spectrum with an up-to-date and extensive reference database, it is possible to determine important quality and authenticity parameters of a food product, the determination of which would require many individual analytical procedures using conventional analysis. The new NMR technology thus not only provides new insights into a sample, it is also very time and cost efficient.


Our specialties

At the FoodQS NMR Competence Center in Bayreuth, Germany, our experts routinely analyze the following foods:

  • Honey (NMR-Bruker Honey-Profiling™ the currently largest and most informative honey database worldwide).
  • Fruit juices and purees (SGF-Profiling™)
  • Wines (NMR-Bruker Wine-Profiling™)
  • Edible oils (FoodQS Oil-Profiling for olive oil, pumpkin seed oil and other edible oils)
  • Agave syrups

Profiling analyses provide very comprehensive test results and are ideally suited for initial quality and authenticity determination.

If required, individual NMR measurements and qNMR measurements can also be performed.

NMR technology is thus indispensable for modern food analysis.

Honey Analytics:

NMR-Bruker Honey-Profiling™NMR Bruker Honey Profiling™ currently includes 38 directional, quantitative analyses. In addition to the traditional chemical parameters such as sugars, amino acids and alcohols, the botanical as well as the geographical origin of many honey samples can be confirmed. Furthermore, numerous signals indicate possible additions of sugar syrups and thus provide an indication of the authenticity of a sample.

The profiling analyses provide very comprehensive test results and are ideally suited for an initial quality and authenticity determination.

Edible Oil Analytics:

FoodQS Oil Profiling offers you the analysis of the following oils.

Olive oils are currently the largest group analyzed with the new NMR technology. Free fatty acids, linolenic acid, K232 and many other parameters are indispensable for the quality determination of olive oils. In addition to these quality parameters, a statement on the geographical origin (Spain, Italy, Greece) can be given and, of course, statements on purity (admixture of other cheaper edible oils) are also a central point of this analysis. These special results can currently not be achieved with any other analytical technique and are therefore indispensable in the authenticity analysis of olive oils.

Pumpkin seed oils are another group of important edible oils. FoodQS offers also here, an in-house developed NMR analysis, whereby quality and authenticity parameters are determined reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.

ALL in ONE – NMR analysis replaces many individual analyses, adding value by providing a lot of important additional information and thus saves time and money.

Fruit Juice Analytics:

SGF-Profiling™ is firmly established as a screening method in the food sector. It allows the identification and quantification of a variety of quality-relevant juice ingredients, such as sugars, amino acids, organic acids or marker substances for spoilage and processing steps. For a fast and efficient classification of the analysis results, they are directly compared with the guideline values of the AIJN Code of Practice.

Based on a database of meanwhile more than 16,000 authentic reference samples, statistical classifications are carried out simultaneously with regard to product type, fruit variety and geographical origin. Furthermore, the numerous signals in the NMR spectrum are used for fruit content estimation and detection of previously unknown deviations.

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