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Our area of expertise: Honey

For thousands of years, honey has been a synonym for pure and natural food.

Honey is an essential component for a conscious and healthy nutrition and enjoys a very high reputation in population.

Honey therefore is subject to very high quality requirements and very strict maximum quantity regulations in order to secure and guarantee the purity of the honey.

Therefore, it is our intention to protect this unique and very manifold natural product in its highly complex  composition and to ensure its high quality characteristics.

We dedicate ourselves to this challenge: honey analytics  is our special field of expertise.

We have been analyzing honey samples from all over the world for more than 20 years.

Be it blossom honey, forest honey, honey of botanical origin,  or specialities like Manuka honey from New Zealand, with more than 200,000 analytics per year, we are one of the most renown honey analytics laboratories worldwide.
Our technical know-how, supported by a highly professional laboratory equipment, allow us to fix quality parameters, to recognize honey of botanical origin and to exactly identify even traces of residues.

Besides the classical, over years existing analytics, we are always anxious to improve our knowledge and thus are constantly developing further methods to be up to date, also in future, to be able to provide professional  advice for our customers.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you.